At Taxi Service Julliard we ensure you of a customer oriented and a safe experience.

Jules Niyonkuru


Cab driver through and through. Early 2018 I turned my passion into my job. Your wishes, service and servitude are high on my list. We’re only happy if you’re happy.
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Julliard's fleet


Taxi Service Julliard chose for the trustworthy BMW 5 Series Touring as a passenger car. This because of its supremely comfortable interior and its roomy luggage compartment. For group transport we use the well-known Opel Vivaro. The vehicles are carefully cleaned after every shift for the next challenge.

Julliard's airport service





You can be brought to or picked up at any airport in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and possibly Paris or Frankfurt. Further destinations are negotiable. Go to Julliard’s airport service pricing page.
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With the business service of Taxi Service you are assured of a comfortable journey. We respect discretion and punctuality.
These rides are usually arranged on account.

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Taxi Service Julliard


Taxi Service Julliard is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you can easily order rides from us by calling us at 06-38986635. Don’t feel like calling ? Simply send us a WhatsApp text message. Order a cab !




Taxi Service Julliard


At Taxi Service Julliard you can of course also be transported per group. We usually drive vans which with 8 people are brought to their destination at the same time. Whether it’s a night out or a drive to an airport. With us you’re always at the right place.
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Taxi Service Julliard


Taxi Service Julliard offers parents and towns the opportunity to sign up kids for Julliard’s school transport, for a various amount of reasons. Whether it’s kids with a handicap or parents with a busy schedule. In any case Taxi Service Julliard ensures safe transport from home to school and vice versa. Order a cab !

Julliard's DISCOUNT CARD 60+



TaxiJulliard - kortingskaart 60+


Taxi Service Julliard has thought of a discount pass for our 60+ customers. On presentation of this pass you can benefit from a substantial discount within Maastricht. You pay a maximum of €12.50 for your ride within Maastricht. If the ride is short and the regular amount is less than €12.50, you of course pay the lower amount shown by the meter.
Interested? Request the pass from your relevant driver. The pass is free of charge. Apply for a pass. Call +31 6 38986635 !


Call Julliard directly or send a WhatsApp text message


 +31 6 3898 6635

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Taxi Service Julliard is 24/7 available



With us you can pay the way you want. And of course you can with the regular means of cash, pin and credit card. We accept these payment methods.